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AMS Choral Dept. Summer Broadway Camp

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Since it's FAAAILED, which I don't care, I'mma post this.

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since no one updates this or NEthing.. I AM! so here i am becccccc to tell you the latest news! Claire and I are movin to NY (possibly camel) and going to Julliard, getting PhDs in Musical Theatre and then gonna rud them in Spency's FACE! HAHAHA... lol. NEway, we are gonna be big so get ready!
chipper chipper
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the second post!


Name es Becca
Role/ Production- Jacks Mother, Into the Woods,Jr.
Favorite Musicals- ooo man... Into the Woods, Wicked(soon), My Fair Lady, Annie get Your Gun, The Newsies(how many times have we seen THAT one?), Annie, Wizard of Oz, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Desired Future Roles- Witch Into the Woods, Glinda Wicked, Annie Annie Get Your Gun, Lily Annie, ANYTHING ON BROADWAY(aww heck i'd even play the maid!)
Favorite Broadway Stars-BERNADETTE PETERS, Kim Crosby, Joanna Gleason, Audrey Hepburn... some others...
Best Camp Moment- aww man, i am going with claire on this one, EVERYTHING

ok.. the end! now you know about my broadwayness, you lucky dogs!

bouncy bouncy
broadway baby
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A-ha! The first ever post for the camp community. I just couldn't wait for camp in sixth months, so I made this to quell the yearning. Heck yes!

Okay, so, to keep things not confusing, I need you to do a simple little bio as soon as you join the community. Please, only if you are a part of Adams Middle School Choral Dept. Summer Broadway Camp!

These are the guidelines, and my bio' as well.

Name: Claire (first name only)
Camp Role(s)/Production: Cinderella's Stepmother, Into the Woods Jr.
Favorite Musicals: Wicked, Into the Woods, Annie, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Desired Future Roles: Elphaba in Wicked, Cinderella in Into the Woods, Miss Hannigan in Annie
Favorite Broadway Stars: Bernadette Peters, Kim Crosby, Joanna Gleason, Danielle Ferland, Ben Wright, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenowith
Best Camp Moment: All of it, but especially the rehearsals...performances...afterparties...OKAY, everything.

There, now, that's super easy. Generic and stupid, but easy.

Hey, I don't make the rules (yes, I do), I just follow them (no, I don't).

Actually, to quote a certain prince's steward: "I don't make policy, I just carry it out."

Okay. Let's revive camp spirit here, because not having it is kind of depressing.
excited look to the western sky
Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith; "Defying Gravity"
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